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(Metanoia Artística)

The 1st Exhibition of Metanoia Art Media was on the 6th of December 2018. Although this event was a successful achievement, as our first exhibition we learnt a lot of things about organizing the event that will help to improve this experience and give you the best of it for the next editions. At this event we adapt a fronton court as the gallery making it an attractive and extraordinary scenery to the public. There were 3 exhibitions that evening which achieved the event´s goal; bringing together different artists to share their perspective of nature and anthropology. We had pointillism drawings by Roberto Márquez, who made a fascinating series of portraits from people of different cultures. Then we had Arnulfo Loaiza, who presented a series of used skateboards having on them his unique organic cartoons related to the human body, and a collection of landscaping photos from different places of the Earth by Yamil Solis.  

There was also a jazz band who played for the event with Arnulfo performing as the drummer. The band was a crew of friends of himself that came together to create a mellow atmosphere for almost two hundred guests who enjoyed an evening full of art, live music, beverages and canapes, and good company.