Who Are We?

Awe Seekers is a community of mountain experts seeking awe through ineffable adventures, taking you beyond the limits of what you thought possible.

Awe Seekers is based in Mexico and has been founded to create international alpine expeditions for its members. To continue making Our Expeditions possible, we offer guided adventures and courses in Mountain Adventures for all the adventurers who seek for an unforgettable experience alongside highly experienced alpinist, and for those who are not, we have Metanoia Art Media for the public that prefer to live the experience of an adventure in the wilderness nature from the comfort of the city.

Our Vision

Awe Seekers is passionately committed to the environment and the people that form part of our projects and activities in a sustainable and respectful way.


Our experiences are self-improving; you earn more than you invest. The respect for nature is deeply incrusted in the veins of our community and our primordial priority is passing these values to the next generations. We are concerned about the lack of environmental awareness in the planet. Consequently, we are looking for foundations to collaborate with (contact us to collaborate). We are always willing to protect our mother nature. By making people aware about the importance of the environment, we believe it is the most functional way to leave a positive trace on the Earth . Awe Seekers feels grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy this majestic paradise and we believe that everybody should feel the same.


Seek The Awe because is the first disposition of knowledge in a double sense: it precedes the desire for knowledge and also makes it possible. Awe sets in motion the three parts that make up the soul and thanks to this movement comes the discovery of the truth.

Inspired in Plato.