Metanoia Art Media

Metanoia Art Media is the artistic side of Awe Seekers. It promotes the artistic perspective of nature in relation to the human as well as the artists who convey this perspective through their art. The purpose is to bring the outdoors experience to indoor experience to the city public. But mostly, we aim to create consciousness about the privilege that we have to dwell on this legitimate planet.

“I lived and l am living my own metanoia, and it has completely changed my mind and spirit. Alpinism has been a metanoia for me. Since I began my journey to the world of the mountains, I have experienced ineffable moments of awe that have drastically changed the way I live and think.” 

Yamil Solis

Metanoia is a fundamental change in character or outlook, a transformation or conversion. (It is often described as a) spiritual change in one’s way of life resulting from a spiritual conversion.