Refund, Booking and Cancellation Policies

At Awe Seekers we ask for 50% of the total price of the excursion and/or course to complete your booking 14 days in advance. In case of cancellation there is no refund of the amount of the booking, it can only be transferred to another person to take back the amount.

We kindly request that the remaining 50% be paid 5 days before the date of the course and/or excursion, otherwise the total amount of the booking and the place will be lost. It can only be transferred to another person to take back the amount and place.

In case that Awe Seekers cancels the excursion and/or course, the total amount paid will be refunded or a new date will be scheduled.

We reserve the right to withdraw any participant from the excursion who does not have the indicated personal equipment and/or continuing implies a risk to the integrity of the participant.

There will be no refund if for any external reason to Awe Seekers the excursion and/or course cannot be completed (road accidents, park closures, bad weather, illnesses or injuries, etc…). In situations outside the company that occur prior to the excursion and/or course, only a change of date and/or open reservation for two months will be made, respecting the same conditions of the purchased package.

For international excursion, some policies will be modified or added. These will be specified in the informative presentation of each international trip.


Awe Seekers