Responsive Letter

Responsive Letter (hereinafter, the “Letter”) affirmed by the person _______________________________________________________ (The “Excursionist”), indicating that the terms and conditions stipulated in this letter are accepted, which are indicated below:


Consent of The Excursionist

The excursions consist of outdoor recreational activities, led by their experienced guides, in which there are high-risk situations. No serious complications are expected during the development of the excursion, however, as in any excursion carried out in nature, there is the possibility of complications or accidents caused by unforeseeable circumstances or majeure force.

Sometimes, the access to the closest health center to the place where the excursion takes place can take more than 12 hours, so access is restricted. For this reason, to support the safety of the Excursionists, which is always our priority, the guides are trained to provide first aid for medical emergencies in remote areas. However, it is relevant to mention that at no time should the prehospital care that the guides offer be considered as a substitute for the medical services provided by professionals in the area.

By virtue of the situations that could arise, beyond the control of the guides, the Excursionists must obey the instructions issued by the guides, in order to safeguard the integrity of the Excursionists, as well as the guides. Any breach of the instructions and indications of the guides by the Excursionist, it frees the guides from any civil or criminal liability.


Enrollment and Admission Policies

The Excursionist is aware that there are certain physical and mental characteristics that, in the opinion of the guides, are necessary for the excursion to be carried out as far as possible. Thus, the Excursionist is obliged to request these requirements from the guides, in order for the Excursionist to evaluate whether he meets these characteristics.

Before or during the excursion, the guides may stop, cancel, suspend or postpone the continuation of the excursion if, in the opinion of the guides, the following situations arise:


  1. The climate of the area where the excursion will take place imposes considerable risks for its proper development.
  2. The Excursionist presents symptoms of fatigue, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, or in general, any symptom that may affect the full physical or mental development of The Excursionist during the excursion.
  3. The Excursionist refuses to comply with the indications and instructions of the guides.
  4. In general, there is any situation that places The Excursionist, as well as the guides, at obvious risk.


Personal Data Protection

The Excursionist is made aware that, in accordance with the General Law on Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, their personal data that we currently or in the future collect from the Excursionist and that are in our databases, will be used by the organizers exclusively for the purposes of expeditions or to receive medical treatment if is required. The Excursionist may at any time ask for their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the processing of their personal data (“ARCO Rights”).


Liability Exclusion

The undersigned with the signature at the bottom of this Letter, expressly acknowledges that he has read the information set forth above.

The Excursionist declares that they are satisfied in relation to all the aspects of the excursion and in particular to the explanation of the potential risks of the same.

Consequently, in case of illness or accident, The Excursionist accepts that the guides of the excursion provide first aid and carry out the actions that are within their power to attend with due diligence, the possible situation that arises. , for which he authorizes any required emergency treatment to be carried out, as well as the transfer to a health center, if necessary.

Thus, The Excursionist releases the organizers, employees, members and guides of the excursion from any liability, damage or accident related to, or derived from, the Excursionist’s participation in the experience in question.

Likewise, The Excursionist authorizes the organizers of the excursion to use as publicity material the videos, images, and in general, any visual and / or auditory content, where The Excursionist appears, obtained during the excursion.




Jurisdiction and Competence

For everything related to the interpretation of this Letter, as well as the excursion where The Excursionist participates, The Excursionist and the team in charge of the organization, as well as the guides and members of Awe Seekers, are expressly submitted to what it has been established on this Letter and the dispositions that are applicable to it. Likewise, in the event of any controversy arising regarding to the present instrument, the Excursionist, the guides and members of Awe Seekers, are submitted to the jurisdiction and competence of the Judges and the Courts of the First Judicial Party of the State of Jalisco, waiving in this Letter to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of their present addresses or any other future address, or for any other reason.

Having read that this Letter was, they sign it on [                                       ], in accordance with this Letter, stating that The Excursionist did not mediate fraud, error, injury, bad faith, or any other vice of consent, at the time of signing this Letter.

The Excursionist




[ __________________________ ]

In your own will


Name and health insurance policy 



Emergency contact (add name, cell phone and the relationship with The Excursionist)



If you have any physical condition, please describe it



Signature of Parent or Tutor (if under 18 years old)