Cesar Vicuña
Mountain Guide of Peru
Cesar Vicuña
Mountain Guide of Peru

César Vicuña is a climber born on February 9 in 1987 in the city of Lima and grew up in the city of Huaraz. He became a climber in the stone forest of Hatun Machay. There he exploited his potential in rock climbing in its different modalities such as sport, traditional and bouldering. Hence, his love for the mountains was born and he decided to do his training as a high mountain guide by entering the school of the AGMP (Association of Mountain Guides of Peru). César has ascents in the most emblematic mountains of Peru, such as: Alpamayo, Quitaraju, Artesonraju on the South and Northeast faces, Huascarán, Ranrapalca North and Northeast faces and Tocllaraju. He also opened new routes in the Central Cordillera, such as: Koncus Yantac, Los Marías, Pacsha, Carhuachuco, Vicuñita, among others. He also had the opportunity to guide in different international mountain ranges; in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia: Little Alpamayo, Ancohuma and Illimani. In the Andes Mountains of Ecuador he ascended the Cotopaxi volcano. Mountains have given him great personal satisfaction, but at the same time it has brought him great lessons and taken away some friendships. He knows that it is part of alpinism, it is a perennial risk.

He had several sport climbing achievements in the stone forest of Hatun Machay, sending the Inflación route (5.13c), El Gran Cholo (5.13a), Poder Rocoto (5.13a) and Apnea (5.13a). This motivation led him to continue exploring climbing, but on large walls, such as: La Esfinge along “route 85” including its variations and one of the most difficult routes in the Cordillera Blanca, “Karma de los Cóndores” (5.12b) in the Ishinca Valley ascending it in 1 day.

César wants to transmit the same motivation that he has with different climbers, that is why he set up around 100 routes in Hatun Machay and at the same time developing new climbing sectors and exploring new places such as Inka Wakanka, Cañón de los Ángeles, Chincay, Llamellín, Quilcayhuanca and Huari. Today he continues with the same motivation which he started with, his passion has become his work and the mountains his office. He works at a climbing gym to train new generations and is an active member of Awe Seekers.

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