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Mountain Guide

Cuco was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. His passion began at an early age when his father started to take him to the forest to go hiking. He has had many hobbies throughout his life, all always related to nature, such as mountain biking, motocross and surfing.


In 2015 he started high school and joined the CAIC (Club Alpino del Instituto de Ciencias). At the CAIC he had his first approach to mountaineering and rock climbing. In 2016 he climbed the 5 most iconic mountains in the country. The following year, he began as a mountain guide at the CAIC  at the same time he got in as an apprentice in a Mexican mountain adventure company. That same year, Cuco toured North America, in which he climbed the Tetons, Mount Rainier, and Mount Athabasca. His passion for mountaineering began to grow, and in 2018 he traveled to Ouray, Colorado, with the purpose of learning ice climbing and improving as a professional mountaineer. In 2019 he went to Australia to rock climb under the modalities of trad and sport climbing.


Emiliano, better known as Cuco, has guided professionally since 2020 in the mountains of Mexico, attracting the attention of "La Línea Directa", a renowned club of Mexican mountaineers in the country in which he is already a member of the club.


In 2022 he went to Bolivia to climb several mountains such as Huayna Potosí, Cabeza de Cóndor, among others. Thus highlighting the remote "Pako kiuta".


He currently studies Mechanical Engineering and in his spare time he trains cycling, rock climbing, and bouldering near his city preparing for the next expedition to the Alps in summer 2023.

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