José Vega
Rock Climbing Guide
José Vega
Rock Climbing Guide

José Vega Preciado (December 2, 1988)


Passionate for climbing since he is 14, sharing adventures in El Potrero Chico, the volcanos of México, Cordillera Blanca and the Canadian Rockies.


Featured ascents:

-   First ascent of “Arista Mexicana” (500 m.) in Cañada Candameña.

-   Climbing of the Nose In A Day (NIAD), Yosemite.

-   Ascent of the direct route in the South Face of Nevado Pisco.


Since 2010 he works as a Rope Access technician, supervising projects in oil rigs in The Middle East, The Golf of México, The Caribbean and coordinating work teams in Sydney, Guatemala and Canada.


José has a degree in accounting, delivers rope access training with the company Soluciones Verticales and works as an evaluator for the SPRAT certification. Currently participates in paragliding cross country competitions and you can find him doing tandem flights in Tapalpa or the Iztaccíhuatl.

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